Clear Vision

Our vision for The Boomer Eyeware Company is simple: We believe that those of us who need a little help seeing small things should be able to own quality reading glasses. We believe our customers should have the option to choose styles that suit their needs at much lower prices than offered at retail stores and online at other web sites.

Boomer Eyeware is here to make this possible. We wear our own products daily. Like you, we’ve been frustrated at high prices and poor selections all around us, so we offer the best prices and a wide selection of quality reading glasses.

Our customers come first. We are proud to offer cool and unique glasses, incredible pricing, fast shipping, and great customer service.

Our Story

It all started a few years ago one day when I realized that I could not see the small dots between the numbers on my wristwatch. I thought it was a passing situation; probably not enough light or I was tired. It never crossed my mind that I may need reading glasses. About a week later, my 3-year-old had a splinter in her foot. As she pointed to the splinter, I realized that no matter how much light I put on her foot I could not find the splinter. My daughter got up and hobbled over to a drawer and brought me a magnifying glass. I could clearly see the splinter then, and was able to remove it.

Well, a visit to the ophthalmologist and an eye exam later I realized I needed reading glasses. It wasn’t long before I realized that I needed more than one pair. After a few repeat buys and not finding a place that stocked the best in reading glasses in one place, I looked into starting my own company that sold reading glasses, and here we are. At Boomer Eyeware we have sourced manufacturers from all over the world and have come up with an assortment of reading glasses that are not only less expensive than you will find at drug and grocery stores, but also have great style and are of equal or better quality.

-Steve Ades Founder

Mark Chayet CEO
Boomer Eyeware LLC
400 Souh Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, Ca 90212


Customer Feedback

It's either a weird coincidence or a conspiracy, but as soon as I turned 40, book and magazine publishers, newspapers, online sites, and letter writers all started using smaller type. I'd never worn glasses in my life, but now I can't live without them. I'm also one of those people who, because I only need them to read, has to have 20 pair. Nineteen of them I can never find when I need them. I've worn your glasses everywhere and ALWAYS get compliments like; "Those glasses are beautiful, are they Ralph Lauren?" My first reaction is to say "uhh, yes, yes they are!", but I've been so thrilled with your products and service that I want to share you with everyone. I've directed many people to this site and I'm proud to do it. I just completed my second order with another 20 pair. I hope you're in business and continue to provide the style, quality, service and value for many, many years.

- Diane B.

“I never liked the selection at the warehouse Clubs. I go through glasses at an alarming rate and the glasses I liked were the Dr. Dean Edell glasses carried by Longs Drug. They rarely have MORE than one is stock of the style I like. Not only were the Boomer Eyeware equal quality, they have a much BETTER price AND I CAN BY A NUMBER OF THE SAME STYLE AT A TIME.

- T.D.